Discovering the Italian peanuts supply chain

Thanks to the supply chain agreement between SIS, Coldiretti, and Noberasco, domestic production is ready to win back the markets

The Italian peanuts supply chain is reborn, thanks to the joint efforts of SIS (Società Italiana Sementi), Coldiretti, and Noberasco.

The demand for peanuts on the Italian market is now almost entirely covered by foreign products, generally imported from Israel, Egypt, and the USA. A national peanut supply chain therefore has enormous potential for development. Over the next few years, the entire sector will work to reactivate all the agricultural and industrial elements that are necessary to meet a consumer’s demand that promises to be of great value. In fact, it could lead to the cultivation of over thirty thousand hectares.


The revival of the Italian peanuts supply chain will also bring important benefits from the point of view of sustainability and healthiness. In fact, the so-called food miles will be almost eliminated bringing important advantages to product quality, time and drying efficiency. The 100% Italian peanuts also have a high protein content, which makes them particularly suitable for those who do sport and follow a targeted diet.

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This is not just the launch of a decidedly revolutionary product for agri-food such as Italian peanut,” – explained CEO Mattia Noberasco, who represents the fourth entrepreneurial generation of his family – “but a project that combines innovation, quality, transparency and a strong commitment to investing in the territory.”

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