Tomato preserves: why Mutti is stronger than the crisis

The growth strategies of the Italian leading company focusing on quality during the Covid-19 pandemic
Tomato preserves: why Mutti is stronger than the crisis

A leading company in Italy in the tomato preserves sector, Mutti has resisted the crisis triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic. Its development continues focusing in particular on foreign markets, and the products’ high quality is its main driver.

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The group’s sales – underlines the Ceo Francesco Muttiare concentrated in the retail and food service channels. The latter has suffered and is recovering, albeit with performances far from those of last year. As far as retail is concerned, our products were also affected by the explosion in domestic consumption during the lockdown. The trend, however, has now returned to normal.”

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As for the comparison with competitors, the recipe is always the same: focus on quality. “Ours – explains Mutti – is a ‘poor’ sector. Many companies look for savings and this affects the raw material. Long ago Mutti has chosen to move in the opposite direction: the quality of the raw material is the key element of our products. Consumers recognize quality and reward us. There is still a lot to do in the tomato sector, an Italian symbol that we want to enhance even more. We are working on an important project for the further improvement of the raw material. In the future we will propose products that are better and more evolved to meet the needs of consumers.”

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On the export sales front, “every year – says Mutti – we expect exports to erode domestic market share, then in Italy we continue to focus on quality: in the tomato preserves sector, Mutti is the company that grew the most in Italy in 2019.”

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