Sweets preparations, Italian ingredients come first

Having a moment of pleasure while respecting your physical well being, saving time. This is the consumer’s request to which Italian companies are responding with top quality proposals, where attention to ingredients comes in the first place
Sweets preparations, Italian ingredients come first

In Italy, the category of preparations for sweets and confectionery closed 2018 with a substantial turnover of 344.4 million euros. This has been possible mainly thanks to the growing demand for products made with excellent ingredients (certified, healthy and characterized by high quality) that can be prepared quickly and easily.

NT FOOD Mix per DolciFlour mix for cakes, a balanced blend of selected ingredients. The product is available in 1 kg package for mass market or 15 kg bags for horeca channel;Gluten free. Lactose and milk free. Wheat freePerfect for the preparation of cakes and biscuits

All over the world consumers are increasingly looking for convenience products with a satisfying taste, at the same time capable of ensuring adequate nutritional values for a healthy diet. Among base ingredients for preparations we can find olive oil, or the most valuable flours such as wholemeal flours. The recipes exclude less healthy ingredients, starting with those causing food intolerances. That is why preparations without hydrogenated fats, preservatives, colorants, lactose, and gluten are increasingly successful.

FORNO BONOMI Tiramisu complete kitFollowing the meal kit global trend, Forno Bonomi, the leading producer of ladyfinger biscuits, has launched its Tiramisu Kit, the complete kit to prepare an authentic Italian tiramisu. It has all the ingredients needed. Just add milk for 6 portions. Ready in only 10 minutes. No baking required


  • High-end ingredients: certified, such as 100% Italian, A category eggs coming from land-based farming, and 100% Italian grain;
  • Health and wellness: preparations with natural raising agents of vegetable origin such as cremor tartaro, but also to gluten free, lactose and milk free, and wheat free products;
  • Convenience: short preparation time is another market trend on which innovation is concentrated, to offer increasingly ready-for-use and easy to implement products;
  • Plastic free packaging: the removal of plastic from the packaging is seen as a necessary commitment by most companies. Some players also invest in technologies and processes to minimize product packaging, even in the transport phase.
MOLINO SPADONI – Preparation based on Italian flour + vanilla yeast with real cremor tartaro
The first type 1 flour for cakes + vanilla yeast based on authentic Cremor Tartaro, the natural leavening agent of completely vegetable origin, very popular in pastry. The vanilla yeast is already dosed in the right quantity, which adds an important element of service to this product.
Grain of 100% Italian origin, processed directly within Molino Spadoni, which manages and controls the entire production chain
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