Parmigiano Reggiano PDO: Green Light to Offer Regulation Plan

With 13.7 million cheese wheels (about 148,000 tons) produced in 2018 the King of cheeses reached a historic record

The Parmigiano Reggiano PDO protection Consortium has enthusiastically welcomed the green light given by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture to the plan for the regulation of the offer for the three-year period 2020/2022.

This decision came at a particularly happy time for Parmigiano Reggiano. As many as 13.7 million cheese wheels (about 148,000 tons) produced in 2018 represent the highest production level in history. This is not only the first PDO brand in the world by influence (according to “The Most Influential Brands 2018” classification by Ipsos), but also the first PDO/PGI food product by production value (source: Quality-Ismea). Consumption turnover reached 2.4 billion euros. Moreover, this product is increasingly projected abroad (exports are equal to 40% of total sales): an outlet valve for an ever-expanding production that needs new market outlets.


  • 2.820 dairy farms / milk suppliers to dairies
  • 265.000 cows over 24 months of age for milk production
  • 1,92 millions tons of milk produced
  • 15,9 % of national milk production
  • 330 dairies producing Parmigiano Reggiano
  • 3.699.695 wheels produced, equal to 147,125 tonnes
  • 50,000 people involved in the production chain
  • 1.4 billion euro production turnover
  • 2.4 billion euros of consumer turnover
  • 54,360 exported tonnes


Production growth in the last three years (+12%) came together with income consolidation supported by stable and remunerative quotations for the whole supply chain. In 2019, the price of the product for production broke through the historic ceiling of 11 euros per kilo (12-month maturation). “An important contribution to these results – says the protection Consortium in an official statement – came from the production plan that in recent years has given certainty to the planning of producers’ work, accompanying a regular growth with additional resources for a revival of the Parmigiano Reggiano brand.”

Last year, Parmigiano Reggiano ranked in 13th position – 1st among PDO products – in the Most Influential Brands ranking


The new 2020-2022 offer regulation plan confirms all this: production quotas assigned to farmers and additional contribution paid by those exceeding subjective quotas. An innovative, simple and effective plan that will allow companies to grow rationally and flexibly, so as to be able to react quickly to market changes. In order to adapt the effectiveness of the plan to the production conditions, it is possible to intervene year after year on the reference point, contribution levels, and with discounts for targeted policies related to quality or specific categories of producers.

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