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Salame Cacciatore PDO’s Sales Growing Abroad

In 2018, exports of this typical Italian PDO cured meat increased by 7%. Excellent performances in both EU and non-EU countries

Italian typical Salame Cacciatore PDO’s exports are increasingly growing all over the world. This is confirmed by the figures of this cured meat’s protection Consortium: in 2018 exports grew by 7% compared to 2017. More than 89% of export sales were absorbed by the EU countries, while exports to the rest of the world grew by more than 36 per cent. The best performing countries were Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland ,and Austria: “The positive trend reinforces and confirms the effectiveness of the enhancement strategy that in recent years the Consortium has undertaken to support the development and internationalization of the PDO” said Lorenzo Beretta, President of the Salame Cacciatore Consortium.


In order to support this growth, the Consortium is planning a promotional plan in the main destination countries (Germany and Belgium above all), with the aim of communicating the characteristics of Salame Cacciatore PDO to consumers and professionals in the catering and trade sectors. Japan is also one of the target markets as well as a gateway to Asia. In collaboration with catering professionals from the Tokyo area, weeks of tasting of Salame Cacciatore PDO recipes have been organised in over 230 restaurants and bento shops. Moreover, an important promotion campaign in Hong Kong will soon be launched. In the meantime, data for the first few months of 2019 also show a +5.2% increase in production.

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