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Wine, Agreement between Coldiretti and Guizhou

Belt & Road, on the eve of Vinitaly agreement between the Italian Farmers' Association and the populous Chinese region

In the last ten years, exports of Italian wine to China have grown by 548%. This is a sign of a growing appreciation of Italian products by the Asian giant. The figure emerges from an analysis by Coldiretti on Istat data during the first agreement signed on the eve of Vinitaly 2019 trade showby the Italian farmers’ association with the authorities of the populous province of Guizhou (40 million inhabitants). The agreement is part of the Belt & Road initiative, the partnership with China in which Italy took part during the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping in Rome.


China is a market with great potential for agri-food sector. Italian products and quality have important development opportunities there. Let’s build together the new Silk Road,” said the vice governor of the Guizhou province Lu Yongzheng to a representative of wine companies from all over Italy: from Lombardy to Sicily, from Campania to Puglia, from Tuscany to Umbria, Veneto, Piedmont, Marche to Abruzzo.


The agreement concerns the promotion of Made in Italy wine within the framework of the international exhibition on alcoholic beverages that takes place every year in September in Guizhou. The commitment is for a bilateral collaboration related to wine and spirits. At Vinitaly 2019 Coldiretti will dedicate a series of events to the new trends in the world of wine, from production to consumption with particular attention to internationalization and sustainability, but also curiosity with the presentation of surveys, researches and targeted exhibitions.

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