Italy in the Top Ten of the World’s Fruit Exporters

The Ismea ranking of the 15 largest exporters of fruit: Italy is seventh. First place for the United States, second place for the Netherlands

With a turnover of 2.85 billion euros, in 2017 Italy was the seventh largest exporter of fresh fruit in the world. Germany alone purchased 31% of Italian exports. The ranking drawn up by Ismea research firm ranks the world’s 15 largest exporters of fresh fruit, and was drawn up on the basis of His-Gta data. The ranking, referring to the year 2017 and based on turnover, shows the leadership of the USA with 4.73 billion euros (+2.7% compared to 2016) for a volume of 3.3 million tons (+6.1% compared to 2016). In second place come the Netherlands, which recorded growth of 22.8% in value, reaching 4.67 billion euros and 19.8% in volume. Third place for Mexico, which reached a record turnover of 4.53 billion (+22%) with 3.44 million tons (+3.3%) shipped.


Spain ranks fourth with 4.28 billion euros. If only sales volumes were taken into account, Spain would be the second largest world exporter with 3.78 million tons (+5.9%), behind Ecuador, absolute ruler with 6.73 million tons (+6.6%). Italy ranks immediately after Chile and China (about 3 billion), but ahead of Ecuador and Belgium. Peru follows, in tenth place, with 1.77 billion euros, 14.5% more than 2016. The final part of the top 15 sees New Zealand in eleventh position with 1.6 billion euros, followed by Thailand and South Africa, which recorded significant increases: +49.5% and +13.7% respectively, compared to 2016. The last place is shared equally (1.2 billion) by France and Turkey.

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