Grana Padano Is the Most Consumed PDO Product Worldwide

In 2018, the Italian cheese is confirmed as the consumers’ favorite PDO product. Stefano Berni, Director of the protection Consortium, sees “positive signals from exports and Italian families”

In 2018 the Grana Padano cheese was confirmed as the most consumed PDO Italian product in the world, with a record production of 4,940,000 wheels. Exports confirmed this positive trend, increasing by 5.4% in the first nine months of the year. “Positive signals – explained Stefano Berni, General Manager of the protection Consortiumcome also from the increase of purchases. Both from households (+4.6%), catering sector (+7%), and retail sector (+6.9%). Grated cheese sales were good as well, with a 10% increase compared to the previous year; a growth that is entirely due to exports”.


The increase in the production of ‘Grana Padano Riserva’ cheese wheels was also considerable compared to 2017, with an increase of 32%. This shows how much consumers appreciate excellent Italian products. “This success – said Berniis due to three factors: a convenient price proposed by the large-scale retail trade to consumers, the increasingly good quality, and the Production Plan. The latter provides for an adequate consumption quantity and adequate additional resources to promote production growth abroad. These data make us look forward to the new year with optimism. Our companies are able to offer a product that has important feedback both nationally and internationally. We are sure that even during New Year’s Eve dinner Grana Padano will be the protagonist on the tables of all good food lovers”.

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