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Monini joins the Extra Virgin Alliance

The procedures for EVA members - the world's best olive oil network - include an assurance of quality at the ‘best before’ date and a stringent production and bottling protocol for members

Olive oil company Monini North America Inc. has recently joined the EVA (Extra Virgin Alliance) family of high quality oils that represents only premium producers from various producing countries around the world. EVA operates as a non-profit trade association, with a clear goal in mind: restoring trust in the marketplace by representing the best quality oils, identifying them to the American consumers with the EVA mark of Quality and Authenticity.

The guarantees of EVA network

The strict requirements to be part of the EVA family is by itself a guarantee that only the best oils can carry the EVA mark on the bottle. Key elements of the testing and policy procedures for EVA members include an assurance of quality at the ‘Best Before’ date and a stringent production and bottling protocol for members.

Monini oils listed in the EVA assortment

Monini has listed in its EVA assortment the popular GranFruttato, a rich and fruity oil obtained with a blend of Southern Italian regions and cultivars. Plus the full line of PDO and PGI oils coming from the four most recognized production areas in Italy (Toscana, Umbria, Apulia, Sicily). And, finally, the recently launched monocultivar assortment of Frantoio, Coratina and Nocellara oils that have won multiple wards, including Best of Show and Best of Class at the recent Los Angeles and New York Olive Oil Competitions.


Olive oil’s benefits, explained to American consumers

Marco Petrini, President, Monini North America, said: We could not be more proud of the opportunity to join such a distinctive list of quality producers, and to help EVA spread the word to American consumers about the incredible benefits and joy that a good olive oil makes in your daily routine. Whether you are eating out, or grabbing a salad in your office break, or cooking a meal for your family or friends, you should always have a reliable, good quality oil at your disposal. And the EVA family of products and producers are the absolute best. Alexandra Devarenne, Co-Founder of Extra Virgin Alliance, said that Monini is a natural fit with EVA and we are delighted to welcome them to the family. This is a company firmly committed to quality products and practices, and with a big heart. Monini will display its EVA approved line of products at the upcoming Summer Fancy Food Show 2018 in New York – booth #1946 – June 30th, July 2nd.

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