Nutella Café to open in New York City

After the first opening in Chicago, the shop dedicated to the famous Ferrero cocoa and hazelnut spread arrives in the Big Apple. What will the gourmands' paradise sell?
Nutella Café to open in New York City

Nutella, one of the most famous Italian confectionery brands in the world, is preparing to conquer America (again). After the first opening in Chicago, Italian confectionery giant Ferrero has decided to open a new Nutella Café, this time in New York City. The menu offers in fact biscuits, crepes and various sweets all strictly based on Nutella – the most famous Italian cocoa and hazelnut spread – but it will also offer sandwiches, salads, and coffee. The venue will be near Union Square, one of the city’s busiest places, and the opening is scheduled for later this year. As the New York Post writes Rick Fossali, vice president of Nutella Café Operations, said: New York allows us to satisfy local customers, but above all to reach the millions of tourists who visit the city every day.

Nutella’s history

After World War II, Italian pastry chef from Piedmont Pietro Ferrero had the idea to create a sweet chocolate pasta made with hazelnuts, sugar and the few cocoa available at the time. He shaped it into a loaf that could be sliced and served on bread and he named it ‘Giandujot’ after a famous local carnival character at the time. On May 14th 1946 the Ferrero Company was officially founded. In 1951 the delicious ‘Giandujot’ paste was transformed into a new product that could be easily spread on bread; it was called SuperCrema, the precursor of Nutella. In 1964 Pietro Ferrero’s son Michele applied his innovative genius and, by trial and error, he improved the recipe and created the first-ever jar of a new hazelnut and cocoa cream which was, however, still without a name. So he put his creative hat on again and invented the perfect solution for the world’s most famous spread: Nutella. It reached Germany and then France, Australia and the rest of the world. The newly-designed jars with the unmistakable iconic design were also well acclaimed with a great success.

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