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Zuccato, where innovation runs in the family

Food quality and safety are the drivers of the company specialized in canned foods, specifically vegetables, that is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year

Today Zuccato is a well-established player in the canned vegetables market, offering a range of 120 products, but its history goes back far in time and is based on quality and continuous research for new products. The food business of the Zuccato family began in 1868 and the first production of sauerkraut was launched in 1898 from what was then, a family-run artisan shop. The entrepreneurship and the dedication of its founders, who began by packaging sauerkraut in typical wooden containers (tubs) initially created by the family itself, also influenced their successors, who developed a wide range of specialties over a period of four generations. To satisfy the increasing market demand for food safety compliance, the company undertook a ‘quality assurance’ project in March 1992 to guarantee the compliance with strict regulations on technical equipment, production processes, purchase of raw and subsidiary materials, processing phases, laboratory analysis, after-sales assistance, as well as internal and external relations. These factors have led the company to create its own quality assurance system, which has raised the competitiveness in the market. Today, Zuccato operates in compliance with the provisions of ISO 14,000, committing to ensure integrated development, to economize natural resources, as well as be environmentally friendly and considerate towards the territory in which it operates.

Federico Zuccato-canned vegetables-sauerkraut

Investments and celebrations

The attention to culinary art traditions, the genuineness of the dishes, the commitment in R&D on products and technologies and a state-of-the-art establishment have enabled the company to combine quality and competitiveness. Since 2016, thanks to the acquisition of the new factory in Langhirano (Parma), Zuccato has expanded its product portfolio specializing also in cream sauces, tomato sauces and ‘pesto’. The presence of the brand in the Italian and foreign markets is continuously evolving and the Group’s 150th anniversary marks a historic milestone, celebrated by numerous initiatives over the course of 2018, including a historical timeline with new material revived through social channels and the creation of a limited edition, vintage tin cans to reminisce the early graphic designs of the company.

Torrechiara-food valley-Zuccato
The Torrechiara castle, in the middle of the Food Valley near Parma and Langhirano

Zuccato: from the heart of the Food Valley

The area around the province of Parma, often referred to as the Food Valley, is a real basin of excellent products and is known world-wide. It is precisely in Langhirano that the recently acquired Agricor has its headquarters. Agricor has always distinguished itself for its business philosophy, aimed at enhancing the authenticity and healthy nutritional aspects of the products in an attempt to anticipate the needs and meet the expectations of its customers and consumers. The recent partnership with Zuccato has given rise not only to a new corporate collaboration, but also to an expansion of the product line, both for its own trademark brands and as the supplier for the private label.

Production, tradition and territory

Over the years, the Langhirano plant has gradually increased its capacity, currently displaying the latest technologically advanced production lines and machines assisted by an automated production process monitoring system which enables high production flexibility for a wide range of premium glass jar sizes. Traditionally, Zuccato products consist of long shelf-life canned oil vegetables, appetizers, sauces for croutons, bruschetta, pesto and pasta sauces, which are constantly enhanced by new ideas and procedures developed by the R&D department. Furthermore, Zuccato also produces for private labels belonging to a number of European supermarket chains, as well as co-packing for renowned Italian brands. The company has deep roots in the surrounding territory: it is a story of passion, hard work and authenticity that, over time, has led to a profound knowledge of the variegated world of vegetables and plants. Some of the main products are deeply enshrined in traditional recipes, handed down from generations to generations, while others originate from innovative combinations of flavours.

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