Food production plants must be labelled

Italian law now requires food labels to indicate the industrial plant where products were made or packaged
Food production plants must be labelled

Starting from Thursday 5 April 2018, Italian Ministry of Agriculture made it mandatory to indicate on the label the location and address of the production plants where food products were made or packaged. This indication is in addition to those which are compulsory under the European Regulation (name, ingredients, presence of allergens, quantity, expiry date, name of the person responsible for the information, country of origin, instructions for use, alcoholic strength and nutrition declaration). Producers will therefore have to indicate the location and address of the plant of production (or only the location if the establishment can be immediately identified), or packaging if the food is packaged in an establishment other than that where it was produced. The obligation concerns all food produced in Italy and destined for the Italian market. In this way – explains an official statement of the Ministrycorrect and complete information to consumers is guaranteed, along with better and immediate traceability of food and, consequently, more effective health protection.

Useful information for consumers

Our commitment is aimed at consumer protection – says Italian Deputy Minister of Agriculture Andrea Oliveroensuring full information that allows consumers to choose the quality they want. I am sure that our agri-food companies will be able to take full advantage of this opportunity, meeting the needs of increasingly attentive consumers. Operators who won’t comply with the obligation will be subject to an administrative fine ranging from 2,000 to 15,000 euro. The same is provided in the case where the company with more than one establishment does not highlight the actual one by means of punching or other sign, and fines from 1,000 to 8,000 euro will be applied in case of improper presentation.

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