Botticelli scouting for more specialties

Consumers are looking for authentic and easy to cook foods, says CEO Salvatore Asaro at the Winter Fancy Food Show

Botticelli, a family-owned importer and distributor of Sicilian origin, is looking for more authentic regional specialties from Italy for its lines of products sold to supermarkets and restaurants in the United States, President and Chief Executive Salvatore Asaro told We are trying to source more of authentic local foods, with a little bit more local flavor, from Sicily or the Campania region, which is more proprietary and less of a commodity type of product, with more value added to the consumer, Asaro said in an interview at the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. Botticelli, which manages its own distribution and produces under its namesake brand as well as for private labels at supermarkets including ShopRite in the East and Publix in the South of the United States, is interested in organic as well as food easy to prepare. Organic is developing across all categories, whether it is olive oil, pasta, or even balsamic vinegar. Consumers want more prepared foods, they just don’t have a lot of time. This is where there has been a lot of activity, the CEO said.

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