De Cecco focuses on biodiversity

The premium Italian pasta maker has decided to bet on “organic” products to stand out in the highly competitive sector of egg pasta
De Cecco focuses on biodiversity

After the successful experience of its organic line, launched abroad and in Italy, Italian pasta company De Cecco presented five product units of Organic Egg Pasta, in addition to its selection of organic remilled durum wheat semolina pasta, organic tomato puree (two items), organic extra virgin olive oil (one item) and 43 previous products. De Cecco Organic Egg Pasta – aimed at a high-end target of strong organic consumers seeking premium organoleptic and nutritional quality – has always used only organic category A eggs from Italian farms, in line with the highest quality standards. The range comprises two items of Matassine, two Minestrine, and one Lasagna for the most popular pairing occasions: tomato sauce, soup and oven. In detail, the items are: Tagliatelle a Nido (250 g), Chitarrina Abruzzese a Nido (250 g), Stelline and Grattata (250 g), and Lasagna (500 g).

Focus on wellness

In these days the company is adding three more items to cover other segments of consumption, starting from Matassine a Sfoglia Rustica Sottile. With such a large offer of organic products, we wanted to confirm with Italian and foreign consumers the brand’s strong focus on meeting the emerging trends in the wellness sector, Luciano Bernardi, European Commercial Director at F.lli De Cecco said. In the last year, we achieved particularly positive results in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark.

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