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Leoncini, the US offer is glutamate-free

The group aims to reinvent modern Italian cold cut specialties to be successful on the International scene. The export already counts for nearly 30% of the total sales

Know-how, high-quality standards, and the ability to reinvent the offer are the drivers at the base of the cold cuts Italian group Leoncini‘s plan to increase exports, which already counts for nearly 30% of its total sales (70 million euro in 2016). In addition, the company boasts certifications in each of the nearly 50 countries in which it operates. But that’s not all, because the American market also has a new glutamate-free range.

A new specialty

We are a leading manufacturer of high-quality cooked ham with herbs, says Vittorio Leoncini, the company’s Export sales director. This year we launched a new specialty, the Baquilod, which is enjoying considerable success everywhere. It is a bruschetta-flavored ham. We use a mix of Mediterranean herbs including tomato and rosemary. It is in every way a product suitable for modern consumers, people who seek a tasty and yet light specialty; something fresh, light, and easily digestible, with a mix of spices and meat of the highest quality. The centuries-old experience of the Leoncini family in cured meat, in particular in the steam and dry cooking procedures, drying, and traditional wood smoking, has allowed us to become the most productive and modern company in the cooked cold cut specialty niche. Bruscotto follows this trend, reinventing a modern and young product that is increasingly appreciated by consumers for a number of occasions, both at home and away. One of Leoncini’s goals is also China, an increasingly strategic market. Thanks to two certified plants, says Vittorio Leoncini, we are the only Italian group licensed to export Prosciutto di Parma, cooked ham, and mortadella to China.

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