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When condiments go spray

Compagnia Alimentare Italiana, one of the winner of Italian Food Awards 2017, showcases its new products at Anuga 2017

Compagnia Alimentare Italiana is one of the Italian Food Awards 2017 winners at Anuga 2017 thanks to its Turmeric Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray. In the following interview with Italianfood.net, export director Sergio Montano talks about the characteristic of the Italian company’s spray dressings, by which it’s possible to add flavors to dishes using only a very small quantity of product. Our company – says Mr. Montanosells in 38 countries around the world, and we are constantly developing new, innovative products. At the moment, we are trying to produce a mustard spray, even if it’s very complicated. Moreover, we have just finished the tests for a saffron spray we hope to offer soon.

Watch the interview:

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