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Grissin Bon whets appetite and fantasy

With five manufacturing plants, one in Canada, the company is currently leader in the Italian market of breadsticks

Grissin Bon has been operating for over 50 years in the production and marketing of bakery products such as breadsticks and toast rusks; today it is leader in the national market of breadsticks and has a 5% rusks market share. The high quality standards have contributed to make Grissin Bon the undisputed leader of the bread substitutes national market. All that allows to meet the most rigid norms of quality standards. The company has five manufacturing plants, one in Canada, and is making private labels products for the most important national and international retailers. The main export markets are Europe and America, which weight 15% on the company’s revenues.

Products’ overview

The Grissin Bon line of products offers the consumers a great variety of flavors and a high food quality. Delicious variations created from a recipe of the old Italian handicraft tradition based on simple, healthy and natural ingredients. Grissin Bon’s core product is “Fagolosi”, an exclusive and original product, and a leader product on the national market of breadsticks, with simple ingredients enriched with extra virgin olive oil and a salted surface. The accurate leavening and processing make Fagolosi friable and crisp. These breadsticks are perfect for a pic-nic, at restaurant or with a drink, they wheat appetite and fantasy. Customers can choose between the traditional breadsticks, the sesame-flavoured ones, the rosemary breadsticks, the onion and kamut ones and also the ones with spelled flour and cereals, for a healthy and rich energy diet. Grissin Bon’s leading products, together with Fagolosi, are the traditional rusks “leFrescheBiscottate”, in the new and exclusive fresh-keeping package with 8 portions, 4 slices each in 4 different tastes: traditional, wholewheat, cereals and organic with kamut flour. You can also find “Gongoli”, bread nibbles with extra virgin olive oil, in the version with kamut flour too, with the new recipe always more friable and savory; the natural leavening bread-sticks “Fornarelli”, the Torinese breadsticks and “MiniFagolosi”, an evolution in snack version of Fagolosi, in multi-packs containing 8 portions 20g each. The friable, tasty, fanciful and genuine products by Grissin Bon are so good thanks to the accurate leavening and processing which has been scrupulously made for more than half a century. Always careful with consumers’ health and up to the times, Grissin Bon innovates all the production with Protected Iodized Salt (exclusive rights obtained) trying to assure the right daily iodine necessity to its customers.

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