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Amica Chips, Made in Italy chips & snacks

High quality of raw materials, strict quality controls and advanced technological systems are the key success factors

Amica Chips is a leading Italian company in the production of chips & snacks, based in Northern Italy. Three years ago the company started to export its products, which are now sold in 22 countries.

Products overview

• Eldorada chips
The cutting process, together with the “Spinner Method” allow removal of 30% of fats compared to classic potato chips while keeping taste and crunchiness.

• Alfredo’s chips & snack
The cutting process and double immersion frying give the chips the taste of real homemade chips, crunchier with the potato skin, available in different flavours: Sea Salt, Pepper (only natural flavours are used) and black Italian truffle. In addition, there are a completely new item for Vegans, Alfredo’s Veggy, Alfredo’s Ortolana and the new Alfredo’s without salt.

• Transparent chips
This line is Amica Chips’ most popular product on the Italian market. The secret of this success is certainly the high quality of raw materials carefully chosen among 3/4 varieties of Italian and European potatoes and only 100% sunflower seed oil.

• Original chips
A more modern dress with a coloured stripe on the front of the pack allows customers to recognize the brand at first sight. Original Chips are fried only in sunflower oil and flavoured just with a pinch of salt.

• Original flavored chips
The new flavors, Ketchips, Chipsburger, Roasted Chicken and BBQ sauce are made through the selection of refined and innovative natural flavorings (not of animal origin), without the addition of any artificial preservatives or additives.

• Original snacks
All the flavours in the original white striped pack: different colours, different varieties for any time you want to have a party.

• Snacks line
This line carries Wonder & Bi-Bip extruded snack, Stella Chips – Blanca – Zig Zag pellets, and Pop Corn.

• Tortilla snacks
Amica Chips is leader in Italy for the production of this product which is obtained by mixing Masa corn flour and water, grilling and frying in sunflower oil and salting according to Mexican tradition. Available in salted, Chili flavours and the new Tortilla Cheese.

• Barman line
A wide range of products for the “Happy Hour”: Peanuts salted and Barman snacks.

• Multipack line
Different solutions to satisfy all demands, for schools, break time or if you only want a mix of our range at home.

• Frumì & Cornflakes
Cornflakes, Frumì crouton line and Frumì breadstick (available in a catering big bag containing small 12g-bags for a total of 250 pieces, ideal for restaurants or c&c stores).

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