What food will we eat in 2042?

From seaweed pasta to synthesized yogurts, the food of the future will be made on demand and packed to our needs, according to a group of American researchers
What food will we eat in 2042?

Think of plant-based burgers, seaweed pasta and aeroponically-grown produce and design them to meet consumers’ personal needs. The food of tomorrow will be entirely customizable and designed for your health, according to Alpha Food Labs, a New York-based food innovation platform that imagines how we will eat and consume from the year 2042. Alpha Food Labs has launched a project called the Future Market together with food design agency Studio Industries. Based on current food consumption trends – environment, sustainability, health, among others – the group creates concept products and experiences to inspire the food industry of tomorrow. In the future, uniform mass production and marketing have fallen out of favor. Food is customized and as diverse as the people who eat it, the group said in a statement at the presentation of its futuristic grocery store of 2042 unveiled during the Summer Fancy Food Show held in New York last June.

3D printing and ID profile

Refuel and AnalyzeMe
Despite the emphasis on natural food, technology will be an integral part of food manufacturing according to the American researchers. The group has imagined ReFuel cartridges to print 3D food at home based on our Food ID profile, as well as AnalyzeMe, a pill that using tiny sensors scans our gut and creates a map of the bacteria strains inside us. The data are then transmitted to our Food ID profile to help us choose customizable foods.

Tasting box
In 25 years, we may also eat like astronauts. Freeze-dried and vacuum-packed boxes holding a 17-course meal would only need to be rehydrated in boiling water and served for a large dinner.

Holistic and wholesome

Alga Marina
Enriched pasta will reach the extreme. The group has created the concept of a seaweed pasta, called Alga Marina, where holistically farmed seaweed is turned into traditional pasta shapes.

Wholly cow
On the meat shelf, Wholly Cow contains different cuts and portions of meat packed into boxes. Meat-less Rib Roast on the other end tastes like beef any way you slice it, the group says.

Tailor-made approach

Custome culture precision microbiome yogurt
The innovation platform has also thought of a line of synthesized yogurts called “Custom Culture” that work with consumers’ unique microbiome, which is presented as the control center of consumers’ health.

Modern produce
If you dream of growing your own spices and vegetables on your kitchen counter top, the Future Market has designed a farming container to aeroponically grow your produce at home.

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