Petti Tomato: 100% Made in Tuscany

The Group, whose strengths are the quality of its raw materials and the exclusive low-temperature processing, is launching its own line on the worldwide scene
Petti Tomato: 100% Made in Tuscany

Just four years after its launch, the “Petti – Il pomodoro al centro” line has become the third brand in the Italian tomato preserve market. It is produced and marketed by Italian Food S.p.A., a Petti Group company whose production facilities are located in Venturina Terme, near Livorno, Tuscany. Petti uses fully-certified Tuscan tomatoes. The “red gold” comes from the farmlands of Pisa, Siena, the Maremma, Val di Chiana, and Val di Cornia areas, all located in the vicinity of the plant. This production chain allows the company to offer its consumers a food experience that comes from a fully-controlled supply chain, as well as a cruelty-free certification, thanks to the Vegan OK logo. Petti – Il pomodoro al centro products boast excellent raw materials, which are certified by the Tuscany region through the Agriqualità certification brand. These products undergo a particular low-temperature process, the “Cold Break”, which allows the preservation of the fragrances, flavor, and the characteristic bright red color of fresh tomatoes, as if they had just been picked. The result is a product that is not just Italian, it is indeed Tuscan: a very practical product, which, in no time, brings the goodness of typical Italian cuisine to the dinner table. The brand is also focusing on its organic offer: of over 80 items produced, as many as 20 are organic as well as ICEA – certified.

Petti tomato sauces organic packshot

Customized packaging and transparent label

Even the packaging is original thanks to the custom glass jars/bottles and the no label look, which allows the consumers to appreciate the content of the bottle in its entirety even when it is still on the shelf. Among the products of the line “Petti – il pomodoro al centro”, the best seller is “Il delicato” Petti: an extra-fine tomato puree without peels or seeds, which won the Italian “Migliore del test” (the best in the test) seal, awarded by the independent consumers’ review Altroconsumo. “Il delicato” Petti is obtained through the processing of the best Tuscan tomatoes, which are passed through a fine sieve to eliminate all seeds and traces of the peel. This process allows to produce a dense and velvety puree, which features a bright red color and the taste of fresh tomatoes with their intense sweetness.

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