Eggs: Italy becomes net exporter

After a trade balance deficit in 2016, Italy's poultry sector regained competitiveness in the first 5 months of 2017
Eggs: Italy becomes net exporter

Italy is a net exporter of poultry products, especially when it comes to fresh and frozen poultry meat. As for eggs, things are different. According to a Crefis research on Istat data, in 2016 Italy imported shell eggs for a value of 46.2 million euro, compared to 22.8 million exports with a deficit balance of 23.4 million. Things change considering first stage processed eggs. In that case, imports reached 18.5 million euro whereas export rose up to 33.2 million with a positive balance of 14.8 million.

Regaining competitiveness

The most interesting figures concern 2017 – especially considering the recent medical emergency connected to eggs in many European markets. In the first five months of 2017, eggs imports to Italy have been equal to one third of 2016 total imports and notably lower than exports. In fact, Italy exported 9,747 shell eggs tons importing no more than 9,645 tons with a 102 tons surplus. A further improvement in competitiveness which allowed Italy’s poultry sector to reverse the negative trade balance. Moreover, considering processed eggs commercial flows we can see an even better result. Imports reached 6,652 tons whereas exports rose up to 7,936 tons with a positive balance of 1,284 tons.

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