Alibert 1967 focuses on fresh filled pasta

The company aims to become a landmark in the fresh filled pasta sector, thanks to a new corporate structure which will relaunch the brand
Alibert 1967 focuses on fresh filled pasta

Alibert has been active since 1967 and its production is focused on tortellini and fresh filled pasta. Since its birth, the company has been selling in Europe and the rest of the world both under the Alibert brand and for private labels, designing and supplying custom assortments and recipes. On March 2016 a new corporate structure became operational. Its aim is to bring together the managerial, industrial, and commercial competencies of the food industry, as well as the business networking skills of the food and beverage sector.


Moreover, the new structure includes a partnership with Pastificio Maffei, which will produce fresh pasta and gnocchi, thus completing the offer. The new structure has given a boost to the R&D of new products (both recipes and bases). It has met the demands of the market through the design and implementation (with the support of chef Alessandro Circiello) of new products that are in line with the concepts of wellness, health and functionality. The company explains, Our products are able to amplify certain functions (beta-glucans, anthocyanins, antioxidants, etc.) as they use high-grade PDO, PGI and TSG raw materials.


The entire production is based in the Preganziol plant (12,500 square meters), which includes the factory, warehouses and offices. The production capacity reaches 9,000 tons per year, using 7 production lines: 3 are devoted to dried pasta, 3 to fresh pasta and one to double-fillo dough fresh pasta. The dry pasta lines often come in a complete range, featuring both standard packs and 15×20 cm packs. The fresh pasta lines undergo either a single or double pasteurization process. They are sold in 20×22 and/or 15×20 cm packs, as well as in single portion trays (2×125 g) and/or single portion trays (from 250 to 1000 g). The plant is certified to produce for the North American market and also the warehouse in Preganziol is certified as it complies with the strict North American standards concerning the picking and storing of goods. The concentration of logistics in Preganziol allows to efficiently manage the growing demand for the customization of orders. In particular, it improves the picking and PO management and the rostering of staff, and allows a reduction in the number of work hours.

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