Leonardo DiCaprio is investing in farm-raised frozen seafood

The Oscar-winning actor has chosen to sustain the fight against the depletion of the seas as a reliable food source
Leonardo DiCaprio is investing in farm-raised frozen seafood

The Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio announced his investment in LoveTheWild, a sustainable food company that sells farm-raised frozen seafood meals. It seems that the move was inspired by his advocacy for environmental causes. Estimates show the earth’s population approaching nine billion by 2050, putting tremendous pressure on our natural food resources, DiCaprio said in a statement. Seafood is a primary source of protein for nearly a billion people, but climate change, acidification and over fishing are putting increased pressure on our oceans’ natural stability.

LOVE THE WILD – To avoid contributing to the depletion of wild seafood populations, the company uses only species of fish that are sustainably farmed like striped bass, catfish and trout. The exploitation of our oceans has left many marine ecosystems on the brink of total collapse, which is hurting our ability to harvest our seas as a reliable food source as we have for thousands of years, DiCaprio continued, adding that LoveTheWild is empowering people to take action on this crisis in a very meaningful way.

SEAFOOD: FARMED OR WILD? – The debate over farmed versus wild seafood is a complex one, that focuses on both nutritional differences and effects on the environment. While traditional logic used to favor wild-caught, particularly with regard to salmon, many have pointed to the vast improvements in farming standards that have made it a more eco-friendly option. DiCaprio has long been a warrior for the environment and climate change, meeting with President Obama in 2016 on the issue and saying global warming deniers do not believe in facts and should not be allowed to hold public office.

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