Storytelling stars at local San Francisco grocer Bi-Rite Market

Regional products from Italy gain shelf space with detailed product cards in one of Forbes Best Small Companies 2016 and “Certified B Corporation” retailer
Storytelling stars at local San Francisco grocer Bi-Rite Market

For more than 50 years, San Francisco’s family-owned grocer Bi-Rite Market has remained committed to its genuine mission: selecting the best food for its neighborhood with passion. Today, the mission of the Mogannam family (Sam and Raph took over the store from their father and uncle in 1997) has become a global example of how local grocers can strive by serving their communities like no others. A store tour at Bi-Rite, which also owns a Creamery and farms where the family harvest fruits and vegetables, shows how every product is meticulously chosen and presented to customers – whether they come from Californian farms or small villages in Italy. One of Forbes Best Small Companies in 2016, Bi-Rite is a “Certified B Corporation”a certification only given to companies meeting rigorous social, environmental and transparency standards. On 18th street, Bi-Rite Market friendly welcomes customers under its original art deco sign and colorful neon lights.[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”11″ gal_title=”Store Check Bi-Rite San Francisco”]

CHEESES – Selected in partnership with New York based importer and wholesaler Essex Street Cheese, Bi-Rite offers Parmigiano-Reggiano – of course – but proudly from Cravero San Pietro, in Sassuolo. Pecorino Romano comes from Genuine Fulvi, in Nepi, while Pecorino al Tartufo hails from Il Forteto, in Vicchio. Prices are in the premium range – but quality promises to be worth it. Pecorino al Tartufo costs 29.99 dollars per pound, the Pecorino Fiore Sardo from Borore, Sardinia, is priced 26.99 dollars per pound.

WINES – Among wines, a medium-bodied Frappato from Poggio di Brotolone – the store’s detailed description says the “azienda Agricola” is run by founder Ignatius Cosenza’s son Pierluigi – is priced 19.99 dollars. One bottle of Dolcetto D’Acqui 2001 from Scarpa, in Piedmont, is offered at 24.99 dollars. A Chianti Classico by Castell’In Villa, in Tuscany, comes for 27.99 dollars.

OLIVE OILS AND VINEGAR – Imported and distributed by Italian food specialist Manicaretti, Balsamic Vinegar (250 ml) is sold at 13.99 dollars. Bi-Rite also offers Olio Nuovo and Olio Verde from Gianfranco Becchina, in Sicily, shown alongside its own olive oil under the store brand Bi-Rite. Aged for three years, Balsamic Rosso from Acetaia Leonardi, from Modena, is priced 16.99 dollars. From the same company, BiRite has the Balsamic Oro.

PASTA – Bi-Rite offers few regional brands of pasta in different formats. The big stars are De Cecco and Rustichella D’Abruzzo. The De Cecco selection, distributed by Italian Foods, includes Organic fusilli 12oz for 3.69 dollars, Farfalle 16oz for 3.29 dollars, and Elbows 160z for 3.29 dollars. The Pasta Abruzzese includes Egg Fettuccine 8oz (250 gr) for 6.99 dollars, and Rigatoncini (500g) for 5.99 dollars – the label in English specifies “Bronze dies” and “Dried at low temperature” Popular with local consumers is also the artisanal Baia Pasta – from the San Francisco Bay and made with organic flours (094140).

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