One of every three products sold in Italy in 2016 is a Conad own-brand

Thanks to private labels, the Italian supermarket chain's turnover is skyrocketing: +7.5% in 2016 with a value of €3 billion

With a turnover of about €3 billion in 2016 and a 7.5% sales growth, Conad private label products account for 30% of a market whose value is €10 billion. The share on packaged large consumption is of 27.4% (IRI data), +0.6% on 2015. Including fresh private labels products at varying weight, whose sales have been fast-growing in the last year (8.2% above the national average, Conad own estimates) about one of every three products sold in 2016 is a Conad own-brand. These data have been published during Marca 2017, the Italian fair dedicated to own-brand products just concluded in Bologna Exhibition Centre. The supermarket chain’s private label sales growth is generalised, due to a good price-quality ratio. Moreover, its own-brand products quality is equivalent to industrial brand, while prices are 25% to 30% lower.

MOST POPULAR BRANDS – We intend to improve and enhance brands by means of innovation and segmentation in the various categories says Conad Sales Director Francesco Avanzini. Every Conad own-brand product is growing, with values above average for Conad Percorso Qualità (+17,3%), Verso Natura (+38,3% including organic lines) and Sapori&Dintorni (+10,1%). By the end of 2017 there will be 70 own-brand fresh products (fruits, vegetables and meat), 90 in the grocery and beverage sectors and 50 in the frozen one.

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