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At Marca 2017 CLAI focuses on tradition and typical Italian cold cuts

At the most important private label exhibition in Italy, the cold cuts cooperative from Imola presents two new types of salami: the ginger and the black truffle flavoured strolghino

CLAI (the agricultural workers cooperative from Imola) will attend Marca 2017, the international exhibition on private label and own label products which will take place in Bologna Exhibition Centre on January, 18th and 19th. On this occasion CLAI will focus on its typical Italian cold cuts, made with Italian select and certified meat. In particular, CLAI will present two new products: “Strolghino allo zenzero CLAI” and “Strolghino al tartufo nero estivo CLAI”. It’s two types of salami, the former flavoured with ginger, the latter with black truffle. Very few food companies present on the market a whole set of 100% Italian meat cold cuts – says Fabio Lorenzoni, CLAI Sales Manager. We can guarantee the origin of our salami, which come from a totally controlled production chain. The two new types of salami are made 100% of Italian meat and they show CLAI’s constant effort to meet the consumer’s needs.

NEW PRODUCTS – Made with selected Italian ham meat, “Strolghino allo Zenzero CLAI” meets the modern consumer’s nutritional needs. Ideal as a starter, it’s 100% made of selected lean meat and it has a mild flavour and an unique smell. Characterized by a sweet taste and easy to peel, “Strolghino al Tartufo nero estivo CLAI” is so tender that it dissolves directly in the mouth. Summer black truffle grows mostly in coniferous spruces, at altitudes of 100 to 1,000 metres above sea level, and its smell reminds of the fragrance of porcini mushroom. Both types of strolghino are about 35 millimetres in diameter and they have a length of 15 centimetres and a weighing of 120 grams. They are available in individual protective atmosphere packs and sold in a 16 pieces counter. The two types of strolghino are gluten free and dairy free.

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