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Wine, Italy world leader as global production falls

OIV estimates global production down of -5%, despite increasing consumption. Purchases are at an all-time low in Italy in 150 years

Global wine production is falling, down of -5% this year with a total estimated of 259,4 million hectolitres. That’s an all-time low since 2000, except in Italy which shall become the world wine production leader in 2016 with 48,8 million hectolitres (-2% on 2015). The data come from Coldiretti, based on World Wine and Grapevine Organization (OIV) previsions. France stands in second place with 41,9 million hectolitres (-12%), Spain comes third with 37,8 million hectolitres (+1%). Made in Italy wine production success, however, comes in addition to the fall of internal consumption. They are at an all-time low in 150 years, and Italy falls off the podium where we find Germany, France and the United States. The latter is become the world’s wine largest consumer in recent years, with 30,1 million hectolitres. The production level is growing of 2% in the United States, in fourth place with 22,5 million hectolitres. Australia reaches 12,5 million hectolitres production thanks to a record growth of +5%. Stable production in China, estimated at 11,5 million hectolitres, whereas South America suffered from adverse weather events this year. Argentina’s production has been falling off sharply: 8,8 million hectolitres (-35% on 2015). The same happened in Chile, whose wine production has fallen of 21% with 10,1 million hectolitres, and also in South Africa (-19%, 9 million hectolitres).

CONSUMPTION – On the other hand, wine consumption is increasing. In 2016 it will reach 243 million hectolitres (+2%). Not in Italy, where internal consumption is at an all-time low. Italian consumers drink less Made in Italy wine than cross-border consumers. Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, Pinot Grigio and Barolo are particularly popular in the USA, just like Prosecco which is greatly appreciated also in Germany, together with Amarone della Valpolicella and Collio. In the first seven months of 2016, Italian sparkling wine export is showing its best performance of all time with a +21%. The most appreciated wines abroad are Prosecco, Asti, Trento Doc and Franciacorta. Great Britain has become the main export market for Italian sparkling wine with a record increase of 42%, overcoming the USA (+23%), while sales remain stable in Germany. The best selling wine is Prosecco, followed by Asti and Franciacorta which confront Champagne on an equal basis. In 2015, Italian sparkling wine had already overcome Champagne with 320 million bottles exported worldwide compared with 307 million. The most relevant outcome for Italian sparkling wine in 2016 is precisely the +59% increase in sales in France. That makes French consumers reach the fourth place in the global purchasers top list.

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