Tetra Pak sees 100% juice growth in all-natural trend

The global food packaging leader presented the 100% Juice Index Report. The CEO Dennis Jonsson: "Italy is a country open to innovation"
Tetra Pak sees 100% juice growth in all-natural trend

After feeling the squeeze of the global financial crisis, the 100% juice category is enjoying new energy thanks to demand for sports drinks and from emerging countries, according to a report by global food packaging leader Tetra Pak. Natural ingredients, vegetable nutrition and specialty juice – particularly required by younger consumers – are the three product trends boosting the sector, according to the 100% Juice Index Report commissioned by Tetra Pak.

SHIFTING CONSUMPTION HABITS – A shift in consumption habits is helping sales, as 73% of people polled in the report said they skip mealtimes and 43% said they drink 100% juice every day. As for the importance of nutrition, drink products with vegetables, which have a lower content of sugar, have grown 43% in the 2012-2015 period, according to the report.


THE HEALTHY FOOD TREND – “As our consumer survey shows, healthy and natural are the two standout characteristics associated with 100% juice, alongside tasty,” said Dennis Jonsson, president and CEO at Tetra Pak. Around 67% of consumers now want to buy “all natural” products, according to the report. Vitamin-enriched boost. The market share of all-natural juice that is not from concentrate has increased from 25% in 2009 to almost 30% in 2015. As health benefits related to food become a primary concern for consumers, producers have stepped up production of “fortified with” or “vitamin enriched” 100% juice. In 2015, fortified products with functional health benefits in immunity, heart health, digestion, bone health, brain health and beauty made up two thirds of new product launches, according to the 100% Juice Index. “Health has become an important life element. In some developing countries, food is a social status,” Jonsson said during a webinar to launch the report.

COCONUT GROWING IN ITALY – Innovation is key, especially in mature markets like Italy, where growth potential is represented by new flavors and smart sustainable packaging. “We believe Italy is a market open to innovation as consumers demand increase. For example, we see the recent launch of coconut water and coconut juices to have been very successful also in that country,” the CEO said.


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