Conserve Italia breaks into USA market, directly on Walmart shelves

Cirio tomatoes now available in the world greatest supermarket chain. The new “Conserve Italia USA” will be based in New Jersey
Conserve Italia breaks into USA market, directly on Walmart shelves

Conserve Italia has opened up a new subsidiary company in the USA, signing a distribution agreement with Walmart for its Cirio tomato products. In this way, the company from Bologna steps forward to strengthen its export market share in the USA. Conserve Italia USA Corporation will be based in Hoboken, New Jersey, and it will be headed by President Pier Paolo Rosetti and two Managing Directors: Cesare Concilio and Diego Pariotti. Right in its new USA headquarters Conserve Italia has just signed the distribution agreement with Walmart, the world greatest supermarket chain with its 5.000 points of sale and aturnover of $500 billion.

ON THE SHELVES OF USA – Cirio tomato products will be available in 30% of Walmart supermarkets in the USAConserve Italia USA President Pier Paolo Rossetti says. Our products are already available on the shelves dedicated to True Authentic Italian, always greatly appreciated by American consumers. Even if there is still plenty of too many fake Italian sounding products and packaging.
Cirio’s products on Walmart shelvesConserve Italia USA new Director Cesare Concilio says – are characterized by highly innovative elements. Tomato pulp will be available in tetra recart packaging, which opens with perforation marks, while peeled tomatoes and sauces will be sold in two-clusters packs: one pound each, to avoid food waste. Our products came on the shelves only a few days ago – Concilio states – but we’re already having good sales results, considering that in Walmart points of sale you can’t take targeted commercial promotion actions.
Conserve Italia is a cooperatives consortium. In Italy, it’s a leading player in food processing industry. It has 14.000 agricultural producer members and it processes 600.000 fruit, tomato and vegetables tons per year in 12 production plants: 9 are based in Italy, 2 in France and one in Spain. Conserve Italia Group has a total turnover of €900 million.

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