Italian Food Awards, here’s the agenda and SIAL will be glad to host you Tuesday October 18th, in the Mezzanine of Hall 4 from 5:45. Event sponsored by Italia del Gusto and AlixPartners
Italian Food Awards, here’s the agenda

The awarding ceremony of ITALIAN FOOD AWARDS SIAL 2016 will take place on Tuesday October 18th, in the Mezzanine of Hall 4 of SIAL exhibition, starting from 5:45 p.m. During the event, will give a recognition to the most innovative companies, those that have been able to adapt their offer to the new food trends set to impact the global market.

NUMBERS AND JURY – Divided into 11 categories and 3 special prizes, 254 items from 159 companies have been voted by an international jury composed by retailers, importers, distributors and brokers. The voting criteria are 4: innovation and creativity in the preparation and recipe of the product, packaging, convenience, attention to environmental sustainability.


Here to follow the complete agenda.


Mr.Nicholas Trentesaux, president at Sial 

Research on global food trends

Xavier Pilloy, strategy innovation manager of Xtc world innovation

Round Table

Valentina Petroli, Italian Trade Agency – Paris

Philippe Goetzmann, Auchan Retail France 

Marco Eccheli, Alix Partners

Video Contributions

Michel Edouard Leclerc (president Mouvement E. Leclerc)

Frans Muller (CEO Delhaize)  

Awarding ceremony to follow


The event will be in collaboration with Sial Paris and with the sponsorship of Italia del Gusto Consortium and AlixPartners.

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