HeB and Ice launch “Ciao Italia” promotion

More than 3.000 Authentic Italian products available in Texas supermarkets, thanks to the Ice and Heb chain partnership
HeB and Ice launch “Ciao Italia” promotion

“Ciao Italia”. That’s the name of the latest concerted promotional campaign between USA supermerket chain HeB and Italy’s Ice-Agenzia. Thanks to Ciao Italia, more than 3.000 authentic Italian food products are already available in 300 Texas supermarkets. “Authentic Italian” products will be available on HeB shops shelves until October 11. The campaign is part of a development program – in partnership with USA organized large-scale retail trade – funded by Italy’s Economic development Ministry. “Ciao Italia” inauguration has taken place in Austin, at Slaughter Lane shop. HeB top managers were present, together with New York and Chicago Ice-Agenzia Directors Maurizio Forte and Matteo Picariello. We are honored to continue the cooperation with Ice-Agenzia and to increase authentic Italian products supply for Texas customers HeB Global Sourcing Director Jody Hall said. Thanks to these excellent products, our customers will be able to reproduce some of the outstanding dishes they tasted in Italy while on holiday. They may also cook an authentic Italian recipe using healthy ingredients Hall stated.

ITALIAN EXCELLENT PRODUCTS IN TEXAS – HeB, active for 111 years with a turnover of more than $22 billion, is a large-scale retail trade chain with 360 supermarkets in Texas and Mexico. HeB partners employees are more than 85.000, and they serve millions of clients in 150 different communities. Texan customers will find on the shelves “Authentic Italian” products such as Pizza (based on Amalfi Coast typical flavors), Tuscan Olive-Oil, Pumpkin Gnocchi, Italian typical dairy products and a cherished selection of wines. “Texas represents a prime market for authentic Italian products”Ice-Agenzia Chicago Director Matteo Picariello said. “That’s why we decided to confirm our partnership with Heb, Texas greatest large-scale retail trade chain. It’s also a way to provide continuity to the presence of Italian food farming companies and excellent products”.
During “Ciao Italia” campaign, many events will take place at HeB shops such as tastings, cooking demos and “combo locos”. Customers may also participate in the “Ciao Italia” online lottery, which offers attractive prizes like a Fiat 500X car, a trip for two in Italy and a Vespa scooter.

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