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Sales record for Italian fruit and vegetables export

Best result in 25 years: 2,17 billion kg Italian products purchased worldwide, representing an 8% increase with a value of €2,4 billion

Made in Italy fruit and vegetables export is setting a memorable sale record. It will be the best trade result in the last 25 years, according to latest Coldiretti report. The survey has been presented at Macfrut – the international fruit and vegetables fair taking place in Rimini – and it’s based on Istat data about the first half of 2016. In this period, Italy exported 2,17 billion kg of fresh fruit and vegetables, representing an 8% increase on 2015 with a value of €2,4 billion. Fruit takes precedence, thanks to 1,38 billion kg sold, representing a 4% increase, while vegetables export has reached 789 million kg (a 14% increase). A good result, considering Russia’s (a key market) full embargo on European fruit and vegetables. Export amount has overtaken import – not often the case in the past – leading to a trade balance clear improvement.

LIFESTYLES – Lifestyles change plays an important role in Italian fruit and vegetables export. Healthy food global demand is growing steadily. After a recent decline, fruit and vegetables consumption has reached the maximum in the last 4 months and annual average consumption rate has increased by 3 kg. According to a Coldiretti survey, 2016 per capita fruit and vegetables consumption will reach 320 kg, and Italian families will spend €98,55 per month. That is, fruit and vegetables have overtaken meat, becoming the main item in the food budget. A real turning point, occurring for the first time in this century. Macfrut Consumers’ Trend data show that in the first half of 2016 Italian families purchased overall 3,47 billion kg fruit and vegetables, representing a 2% increase on 2015.

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