Chinese imports of dairy products rise sharply

Powder milk up 120%, milk and cream up 43.9% according to CLAL
Chinese imports of dairy products rise sharply

China is hungry for dairy products. Imports of milk, butter and cheese by the world’s largest economy surged in June compared to the same month of 2015, according to the latest figures by CLAL News.

CHINESE DAIRY IMPORTS IN NUMBERS – Total volumes of dairy products imported by China rose 30.6% in the January-June period year-on-year, while they were up 12.6% in terms of value, CLAL said. In the month of June, China imports of whole milk powder increased 120.2% in volumes (up 24.8% in January-June), followed by milk and cream (43.9%, 77.6%), butter (40.7%, 34.8%), cheese (27.7%, 24.3%), and infant milk formula (18.0%, 25.4%). China however bought less whey powder and skim milk powder in June (down 0.5% and 15.7% respectively).
THE TOP FOREIGN SUPPLIER – French cheese was in high demand in China so far this year (imports up 114%), although France only has a 4% share. New Zealand, the largest foreign supplier of cheese to China with a 54% share, saw exports rise 34% in the year-on-year period. US cheese exports to China instead suffered a 32% decline. Italy does not feature in the list of main 2016 dairy exporters to China, which includes Australia (up 31%) and Denmark (up 14%) for cheese. New Zealand is also the top foreign supplier of butter to China, followed by France, Belgium, Australia and the Netherlands.
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