Will seafood be the next industry to go “meatless”?

As the plant-based food revolution continues, shrimps are next
Will seafood be the next industry to go “meatless”?

As veggie burgers have become a regular choice in American menus proud of their juicy beef patties, the meatless food revolution is preparing to change the seafood industry.

With more consumers looking for sustainable, diversified food, the market for meat substitutes is expected to be worth 5.17 billion dollars by 2020, growing on average 6.4% every year, according to a report by Markets and Markets cited by Forbes.

Catering to health- and environment-conscious consumers, San Francisco-based biotech startup New Wave Foods has engineered shrimps made of red algae and other plants that promise to taste like natural shrimps, Forbes reported.

California-based Impossible Foods has recently launched at an event in New York its “impossible burger”, which took the company five years of development to make sure its smell, texture and flavor pleased the most demanding meat lovers. Leading players in the meat substitutes market include, in the US, Amy’s Kitchen and Beyond Meat.

By Antonella Ciancio

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