Insal’arte, the superfood of the moment is Kale

Insal’arte, the superfood of the moment is Kale

Insal’Arte (The art of salads), a brand of excellence by OrtoRomi (Agricultural Cooperative Company, leader in the fruit and vegetable sector) introduces Kale, a superfood already known and appreciated in the States and in some European countries thanks to its high nutritional content and important health properties.

 KALE, RICH IN VITAMINS – Kale is indeed an important source of vitamin K (essential for proper blood clotting) and vitamin B6, which is key to the maintenance of the immune system and for the stimulation of brain function. Known in Italy as “cavolo riccio”, this vegetable is popular and trendy in American diets where it is used as a base for delicious raw smoothies, in salads, or cooked as a healthy, low-calorie side dish.

 A NEW SUPERFOOD – According to the Andi Score rating system, whose scores are computed according to the ratio of nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, calcium, iron, and magnesium, compared to each kilocalorie, Kale comes in first place with the maximum score of 1000 points, thanks to its ratio between low-calorie and considerable nutritional properties.

 PRESENTED AT RIMINI WELLNESS – This new item was launched at a Rimini Wellness event. A social plan, which will include storytelling and emotional images recreated with the product, will follow in June. It is aimed at pushing and promoting the product and will be published in the main company social network profiles such as Facebook and Instagram. Later in September, the product will be sampled by some selected bloggers for the creation of an ad hoc cookbook.

A WEALTH OF ITEMS IN THE FRESH-CUT CATEGORY – Another great opportunity for Insal’Arte, which goes to increase its already wide and diverse range of high-quality, fresh-cut salads. It is a testimony to the company’s sensitiveness to the issue of healthy food which goes to satisfy the tastes and demands of a public that is increasingly attentive to food and the versatility of new superfoods. This new fresh-cut product by Insal’Arte will be available starting in June and will be sold in convenient 90 g trays.

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