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Bottled water from Italy, a potential growth category

Litre after litre, Italian mineral water is becoming a ‘champion’ on the tables of many countries worldwide. In 2015, it was the product with the highest exportation growth rate

Even though it is not immediately perceivable as a product of our culinary tradition, in 2015, bottled water from Italy was the product with the highest exportation growth rate, exceeding 2014’s increase by 20%. It was certainly helped by last year’s record heat, which literally parched half the planet, but this is not the only reason why our water brands are carving out their own role beyond national borders. Many Italian businesses in the sector, which have started believing the potential this product has in terms of export, have a precise strategy.

COGEDI TO INCREASE IN THE HORECA CHANNEL – The future for the Umbrian company CoGeDi, owner of Uliveto and Rocchetta, and traditionally focused in the Italian market, also implies a bigger internationalization process, especially in the Horeca channel, in particular in Switzerland, the USA, the UK, and in the main Eastern European countries where the company already has a presence which will be consolidated in the next few years.

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