Eataly to open its first store in Denmark

Italian food store Eataly will open its first store in Scandinavia by the end of the year

With the partnership with Coop, Eataly opens for the first time in Denmark. The Copenhagen Eataly will be a combination of premium supermarket, restaurant and Italian culture. And the 2,000 square meters outlet will be located within the Illum department store in the Danish capital. Indeed, the initiative is the result of a partnership with Coop Denmark, already present within Illum with an Irma supermarket, which will close to give way to Eataly.

PARTNERSHIP WITH COOP DENMARK – “We are proud that Eataly has chosen Coop as a partner in Denmark. Their philosophy matches the food agenda we have worked with over the past two years. The alliance will turbocharge our goal to develop Danish food culture communities about the good meal and offer better raw materials for our customers.” as official spokesman said. Therefore Eataly opens in Illum, where Irma is already operating today. It closed on May 22, after which the craftsmen has started an extensive rebuilding. Irma is currently negotiating about another location in central Copenhagen.

HIGH QUALITY FOOD – Eataly CEO Luca Baffin says he is thrilled about opening an Eataly in Copenhagen, one of Europe’s gastronomic centers and in Illum, one of the city’s best locations. ”We will introduce our concept including restaurant, market and education with high quality food for the first time on the Danish market. Guests will have the opportunity to enjoy traditional Italian food like pasta, pizza, authentic Italian sausage and cheese, coffee and ice cream and we will offer the opportunity to choose from a large selection of wines, olive oils, cheeses, sauces, pasta, meat – always with respect for the relationship between price and quality,” he says.

COOKING CLASSES – The new Italian store  will also provide cooking classes and has chosen the theme  “Italian home” as a family place, marking a friendly and welcoming environment. Eataly was established in Turin in 2007 by the entrepreneur Oscar Farinetti. The intention was to do Italian quality food and culture available to more. Since then it has expanded in Italy, combined with small and large stores.

INTERNATIONAL PRESENCE – As well as 19 stores in Italy, Eataly has been gradually expanding its international presence, with outlets in Munich, New York, Chicago, Istanbul, Tokyo, Yokohama, Dubai, Seoul and Sao Paulo. Its founder Oscar Farinetti has been traveling around the world spreading the idea of the Eataly concept while speaking of food as making love. ”In Italy, we have successfully worked with Coop Italia for more than 10 years and based on this experience we have chosen Coop Denmark, which combines the pursuit of the good products and respect for customers. They are definitely the best partner to bring Eataly to Denmark,” says  Luca Baffin.

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