Valbona will be exhibiting at PLMA

The specialist in the manufacturing and processing of vegetables for over 50 years, will be exhibiting (from May 24th to May 25th) at Amsterdam's private label international exhibition
Valbona will be exhibiting at PLMA

Also this year, Valbona, a Veneto company specializing in the manufacturing and processing of vegetables, will be at Amsterdam’s PLMA (from May 24th to May 25th, Booth number 5259), the international trade fair that brings together producers, buyers, and operators of the private label sector.

A COPACKER ON THE INTERNATIONAL SCENE – About 85% of the company’s production, in other words about 700 private label items and more than 50 brands, is intended precisely for the private label channel. Over the years, Valbona has understood the market needs, and has established itself in the national and international scene as a co-packer of the most famous and prestigious brands. 30% of the items produced are intended for the international markets. In addition to strengthening its market share in Europe, where the company has been operating successfully for some time mostly in France, Spain, Germany, the UK, Scandinavia, and Eastern European countries, Valbona is to expand in other overseas areas, especially North and South America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

THE STRATEGY OF VALBONA FOR 2016 – The strategy is to offer quality products, which express the Italian taste and tradition that are much appreciated abroad. It is no coincidence that the most appreciated products across the border are pesto sauces, classic appetizers, and grilled vegetables. The company gives priority to innovation: customers are offered new recipes that are designed specifically to meet the consumption needs of various countries. Valbona has also introduced smaller sizes, designed for singles and small families, which reduce waste. And what about the latest market trends, such as organic and vegan? These are two sectors in which the company operates with pickles and pesto sauces in the former, and a line of pesto sauces and creams in the latter.

FOCUS ON R&D AND TAILOR MADE SERVICE – “The strength of Valbona is its ability to adapt to different types of markets, to new consumer trends and new consumer needs,” says Giulia Cavallini, Export Manager at Valbona. “We can adjust our production to the different demands of our customers and tailor our products to the tastes of the countries in which we export. Finally, it is necessary to offer an exemplary service. Punctuality and flexibility are essential to ensure a “tailor-made” service, just like the one Valbona provides. The company’s continuous research and development, as well as the investments related to private labels, certainly do not come as a surprise. Indeed, it explains why Valbona has gradually established itself on the national and international private label scene”.

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