Italian cheese, the United States in the lead

Pdo products are gaining momentum. Beyond the Usa, Germany, Poland, England, and Spain stand out amongst the most interesting countries
Italian cheese, the United States in the lead

If the culture of Italian cheese has augmented abroad, consequently amplifying exports, it can be considered a result of promotional activities put forward by institutions, associations for protection, and producers. The United States, the main buyer for Italian cheeses in general, has proved to be the favoured outlet market for provolone and pecorino and Pdo products.

FORMAGGI DEL TRENTINO TO EXPLORE NEW MARKETS –  Gruppo Formaggi del Trentino for instance, has committed to consolidating the results of 2015 by exploring international markets to test new opportunities for development. Germany, Poland, England, and Spain stand out amongst the most interesting countries, where in addition to Trentingrana Pdo, the group has been promoting even some traditional cheeses with excellent results. Right at the end of 2015, Casolet Val di Sole won the bronze medal at the World Cheese Awards in Birmingham. (see video below)

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AURICCHIO, BEYOND PROVOLONE  – Gennaro Auricchio consolidated last year’s performance by achieving an excellent result particularly for exports, resulting from years of significant growth owing to strategic acquisitions from 2012 onwards. At the end of last year, the company negotiated some important new agreements with foreign chains, thus providing considerable opportunities for growth. In Italy, on the other hand, it has been intending to pull out of the crisis by trying to broaden the product range offered in addition to provolone. “Specifically in the provolone market,” says Alberto Auricchio, director of Gennaro Auricchio, “we have about a 50% share. With Locatelli we are leaders in the United States for Pecorino Romano Pdo sold to the end consumer. The segment of pecorino cheeses, both fresh and aged, is rather disunited in Italy and conquering shares also in this market is one of the future goals.

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