Italy and Tunisia sign a twinning agreement

The Tunisian Union of Agriculture and Fisheries signed two twinning agreements with the Italian-Tunisian Observatory at the Service of a sustainable and quality Agriculture in the area of beekeeping and advancement of women farmers
Italy and Tunisia sign a twinning agreement

Italy and Tunisia to work together for innovation. Twinning agreements between Italy and Tunisia were signed by The Tunisian Union of Agriculture and Fisheries and the observatory Servagri, founded by the EU, to support the agricultural sector and to help food companies promote their products and commercialize them. The project will allow to bring together efforts by Tunisian and Italian entrepreneurs to guarantee high-quality products, that can be traced and that respect the European standards so they can be competitive and satisfy demand coming from foreign markets.
Servagri is an Italian-Tunisian observatory operating in agriculture to carry out pilot projects in organic farming, guarantee the security and quality of some food products in the respect of sustainable development in Tunisia and Sicily and with the final aim of enabling them to be innovative and competitive in the international markets. Moreover, the two agreements signed by Utap and Servagri respectively establish the twinning between Tunisian and Italian beekeepers and women farmers from the two countries to work together for development, and the improvement of the legal framework and quality of life of employees.
Twinning is a European Union tool for institutional cooperation between Public Administrations of EU Member States (MS) and of beneficiary countries (BC). It was originally designed in 1998 to help candidate countries to acquire the necessary skills and experience to adopt, implement and enforce EU legislation at that time.

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