Wine, Italian export to reach €5.5 billion

China starts to rise, good performance in Usa, Uk and Japan, Russia hit by the recession
Wine, Italian export to reach €5.5 billion

“From the analysis of the Istat data that we have just worked on, we estimate that the target of €5.5 billion in value for the export wine sector in 2016 is now within reach”.

Domenico Zonin, president of the Unione Italiana Vini, has so commented on the Istat data on Italian wine exports in the first seven months of the year (January-July 2015). Recently published by the Institute of Statistics, according to the data foreign sales in value have grown 6.1%, with peaks of more than 8% for Pdo products.

“It confirms the growth of our exports which are now stable at above 6% – says Ezio Castiglione, president of Ismea – that will further accelerate later this year, considering the expected sprint of sparkling wine over Christmas.”

“To drive the positive trend of our growing wine exports is the data from major markets such as the Usa, Uk and Japan – further comments Ezio Castiglione – helped by an unexpected and comforting recovery of the Chinese market, which partially offsets the collapse of export towards Russia, related to a situation of serious economic difficulties the country”.

“A parallel decline in volumes continues and recorded a 3.1% decline, however, the Pdo products are growing 5% – says Domenico Zonin. Figures on which we will work in the coming months, with the help of the excellent year we have just had in terms of production.”

“As for Japan – adds Zonin – it remains a strategic market for Italian wine where our exports, however, are endangered by the lengthy negotiations on the bilateral free trade agreement with the EU, whereas an agreement has been reached with the Usa and countries of the Pacific (TPP – Trans Pacific Partnership) which will facilitate trade in wine between some major competitors such as the Usa, Chile, Australia and New Zealand in the Japanese market.”

“The good remuneration of our wine exports, especially in the Pdo and Pgi segments – concludes Castiglione – confirms a production with a countrywide strategy that is now firmly focused on territoriality and on products with high added value”.

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