Atalanta Corporation, networking is the key to success

The team seeks out products and brands that, over the span of generations, have been perfected by its supplying partners to redefine the gastronomic representation of their native land
Atalanta Corporation, networking is the key to success

Atalanta Corporation, one of the largest importer specialized in Italian products and Mediterranean products attended Anuga in order to meet its suppliers and customers.

“We want to increase the diversity of the Italian selection in the Usa – says Andrea Berti, senior product manager of the company –: we are looking in particular to biodiversity that Italy has to offer”.

Today, Atalanta Corporation imports thousands of unique items from across the globe. The expansion of its portfolio and customer base over the past 70 years parallels the growth of the market’s demand for quality and specialty imported foods.

Andrea Berti – Atalanta Corp. from Gruppo Food on Vimeo.

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