Sterilgarda races into Asian market with its diary products

The Italian manufacturer appointed Italian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore and organized a three-day meet up event as strategic option to consolidate its market position
Sterilgarda races into Asian market with its diary products

Sterilgarda,  one of the largest Italian dairy and milk producer,  headquartered in Mantova, is planning to strengthen its Asian market position. Therefore, the company has organized, in collaboration with the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Singapore (ICCS), on occasion of the F1 race which took place in Singapore last week end, a  three-day event. “We are very proud to be in Singapore with this great event- said Fernando Sarzi, eco of the Italian company”.

The initiative has the aim to confirm our engagement in the Southeast Asiatic market where we are planning to increase our market shares. We are here in Singapore, the city where we have just sort out a distribution channels starting from few weeks ago”. Sterilgarda’s initiative was unique event hosted ranging forms: meet up events, presentations, talks; it was a deal of experience organizing a wide range of meet up events in order to support the launching of Sterilgarda brand in the South East Asian market. In recent years, indeed, the company has confirmed its international market shares and, as a result, has posted good financial results. In 2014, for example, Sterilgarda turnover rose by four per cent to 341 billion euros and international sales rose by double digits.
Ways to enter the Asian markets focuses on different options to Italian companies considering to penetrate this area more. It spans the whole spectrum of possibilities: from indirect modes to entry like licensing, franchising and online selling to exporting with or without the help of local partners and investment in the form of representative offices, partnership. Every approach has its advantages depending on the goals and specific circumstances. Sterilgarda  company evaluated that sport’s partnership strategy is most suitable for its business in Asia and worldwide. Sterilgarda is also known for sponsoring team Yamaha at the MotoGP: initially with Italian motorbike rider Max Biaggi and now with the Spanish champion Jorge Lorenzo. To celebrate the recent success of the team and its rider, Sterilgarda has put the image of Lorenzo onto four million one liter bottles of Sterilgarda Uht microfiltered milk.
Around its core products, starting from this year, Sterilgarda launched a new product on the international market: long shelf life mascarpone, which has attracted the interest of catering industry and of foreign buyers. Mascarpone is considered a key ingredient for many desserts.

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