How social media can empower the food industry

Here are a few basic guidelines by the American Food Marketing Institute. Different companies use different social media models. Take advantage from the following advices
How social media can empower the food industry

Social media and digital communications are relatively new and may not be as well understood as the more traditional forms. There are many other social media sites besides Facebook and Twitter but they are two of the most popular ones. Particularly, many companies have a Facebook presence that functions like an alternative webpage that allows interaction between the firm and the customers. Best uses for the scope is to create added value announcements, offering the customers something they will truly use. For example it can be a discount or an important announcement that will affect shoppers.

Then posts are typically ways for companies to keep up with the customer base and potential clients. How to set up theme successfully?

Tell a story. Social media gives you an opportunity to tell a story – or influence the story. Use it to better inform your customers about your company’s mission and showcase your brand’s personality. Notably, offering your audience visuals remains critical in any social media conversation and a root of storytelling.

Be authentic . Transparency is essential in social media and it’s imperative that companies bring the same level of customer service they would in the store to the customer’s social media experience.

Love what your followers love. Study the social media patterns and conversations that your customers are having and replicate their behavior. Maybe they love your deli department, or rave about your fresh food offerings; whatever they are passionate about, bring this same enthusiasm to both social media and in-store experience.

At the very least, get to know your company’s social media team. They can help you better employ social media to engage with customers, build a social media community and help you tell your store’s story. Next steps: monitor the social landscape, define your audience, write down your objectives, tell a visual story.

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