Mineral water: why the Italians advance

Due to a market populated by many brands, export is an essential outlet for Italian companies
Mineral water: why the Italians advance

In 2014 Italian bottled mineral water exported 10% of production with an increase of 8% compared to the previous year, which had already increased exports by 9.5% on 2012. Made in Italy in this sector is particularly appreciated abroad for its quality, safety and composition and due to a particular orographic situation, especially the dolomite, granite and volcanic rock.
That the foreign markets represent a particularly fertile ground is confirmed by the words of the leading players. “Currently our export turnover is around 42 million euro, 7% of turnover, but in three years, the goal is to double the figure – says Vincenzo Tundo, marketing director of Acqua Minerale San Benedetto. The most important countries for us are those in Europe: Germany, France, England. Followed by Canada, China, Japan, Australia. In the US, in particular, we want to significantly accelerate the development in the coming years, following the example of Russia, where we have increased our numbers tenfold in one year”.
Positive results which are yes thanks to the excellent quality of Italian products, but a change in eating habits is also a lever. The trend is also increasing due to the decrease in consumption of carbonated beverages that are high in sugar. Outside of the domestic market consumption is still rising, where Made in Italy water can definitely have an important role in meeting the growing demand for the product.

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