San Daniele ham to drive sales up 10%

The Friulian Pdo ham maintains its appeal both in domestic market and abroad. US, Australia and Japan are the more demanding markets
San Daniele ham to drive sales up 10%

The crisis does not affect San Daniele ham which last year jumped its sale’s earning to Eur 330 million, up 10% compared the same period of the previous year. The production of thighs increased of 3,7% in value, the total output is 2.5 million piece last year. This is despite the data registered in the exhausted Italian market , which has undergone an average contraction in sales of 8.9% for generic ham. The volume of Parma ham produced in the domestic market dropped by 6.1% in 2014.

New president of Consortium San Daniele Giuseppe Villani says: “The data’s result is a source of great pride for the Consortium and is the truly confirmation that quality gains in the long run”. There is a real interest in the premium products over foreign markets, where San Daniele Pdo’s export increased of 6%.“We still got work to do in more demanding markets such as the Usa, Australia, Brazil, Japan and China – adds Villani”.

Moreover the sliced San Daniele Pdo continued to success. It has started a big race the last two years and this time San Daniele sliced ham jumped up 17.3% in value sales. It makes expansion to 16.5 million packs, corresponding to over 308.000 pieces of sliced ham. The currently amount of sliced ham represents 12.4% of total production. The Consortium associates 31 companies to which 4,200 farms of cattle are connected.

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