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Lavazza launches a 100% compostable capsule

On the year of its 120th anniversary, the company is focusing on sustainability with an annual investment of 14 million euros

Lavazza celebrates its 120 years by redoubling investments in new models for sustainable development. The first big news is the creation of a 100% compostable capsule, which can be used in farming and many other contexts once discarded. This product is the result of a long and tough development period that lasted five years. During this time, the company’s innovation and research department worked closely with Novamont, its partner for this project and producer of third-generation Mater Bi – a bioplastic obtained using vegetable substances, even from integrated agricultural supply chains. It can be recycled in compost and is biodegradable, ensuring low CO2 emissions. This material will be used on the new pod (compatible with Lavazza Minù machines and filled with two types of 100% Arabic mix certified by the non-profit organisation Rainbow Alliance), which will be available online in 2016. “We invest 14 million euros in sustainability each year and we intend to do more” declared Marco Lavazza, vice president of the group, on “The new capsule represents the combination of innovation, sustainability and quality. From a circular development perspective, the end of a product’s life or of a process marks the beginning of another economic development.” The initial sales channel for the new capsule will be online, as Marco Lavazza pointed out, it is “an alternative channel for an alternative product.”

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