Sapori & Dintorni opens a new store in Naples

The combination of a supermarket, deli, bar and restaurant aims to endorse the very best food and wine available in the area
Sapori & Dintorni opens a new store in Naples

After Rome and Florence, now it is the turn of Naples. Conad’s Sapori&Dintorni opens its first store in the Southern Italian city on Alabardieri street, alongside all the other trendy venues. The goal? To promote the excellence of Italian food, with the odd exception: there are a few top-quality specialities from abroad, such as the Kobe fillet sold at 289 euros per kilo (for the most expensive cut).

The majority of products are closely tied to the local area and reflect the culture of their origins. Overall, the shop has 2,000 products for sale, half of which are branded Conad, Conad Percorso Qualitá or Conad Organic. There are 225 Sapori&Dintorni Conad branded products, many of which have PDO and PGI indications and are produced by small to medium local producers. There is a large wine department that stocks 300 of the best vineyards.

“With this new Sapori&Dintorni store, Conad wanted to push the sales of typical regional produce, integrating the weekly shop with useful services available from when the shop opens until eight o’clock in the evening,” stated Francesco Pugliese, managing director of Conadwho wants to make the Sapori & Dintorni brand the made in Italy standard bearer abroad as well. “We continue to support and promote quality Italian agriculture, even in other parts of the world;” continues Pugliese, “because we believe that it will be a fundamental sector for the redevelopment of the entire Italian system. An entrepreneurial partner at the point of sale and our products, which are unique in terms of quality, service, convenience and innovation, are the stimuli we will use to create value and generate constant growth with significant return for the areas and communities that we are working at the heart of”.

“The Sapori&Dintorni store opens a new store in Naples for the first time,” adds Claudio Alibrandi, president of PAC 2000A and Conad. “It is a sales format that supports and promotes the typical regional delicacies of Italy and takes the best from the concept of convenience and deli stores, able to meet the demands of a variety of clients: from local residents to workers, from tourists to party-goers. The store focuses on quality, practicality and good taste to promote localisms and increase awareness of genuine products and respect for tradition, which is the best promotion possible for authentically Italian produce”. Another of the store’s strong points, other than the wide range of products on offer, is its multifunction: the integration of supermarket, deli, bar and restaurant is mainly aimed at pushing sales in the store, which is positioned very well for an improved sales experience. The supermarket is in fact located in what used to be the Arlecchino cinema, a building defined by its majestic dome that still lets in natural light from above. The perimeter of the structure is home to the bakery – with connected kitchen for making special and traditional breads -, the cured meat counter, fish counter, meat counter and deli with oven-baked specialities and pastries. The supermarket shelves are located in the middle with the fruit and veg and breakfast departments.

Fun fact: the new Sapori&Dintorni contains a space dedicated to the three Michelin starred chef Niko Romito, where the renowned fried, classic and creamy ‘bombs’ that made him famous will be made fresh on a daily basis. Here below an overview of the store.

Sapori&Dintorni store from Gruppo Food on Vimeo.

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