Enough with the waste: It’s time for small packets

Cream and Béchamel sauce are making a positive comeback to the home kitchen. The most dynamic in the sector are fresh cow’s cream and both light and lactose-free products

In the UHT cream sector, smaller sized tubs are asserting themselves alongside the traditional 200ml and 500ml sizes. They are aimed at meeting the needs of smaller families and the ever more necessary need to decrease waste, avoiding having small amounts left over which need to go back in the fridge. In 2011 Granarolo launched the UHT cream sold in a “multi” pack made up of three 100 ml pots. Subsequently, in the same format, it launched its lactose-free UHT “Accadì Senza Lattosio” and its low-fat product “Vellutata Piacere Leggero”, which has 45% less fat in comparison to traditional cream. “The success of the ‘three x 100 ml’ packs was reinforced in 2014 as well”, states the company’s marketing office, “with a growth of 57.5% in volume and 67.1% in value (data from Iri).”

Regarding the explosion of the popularity of smaller sizes, the same trend was confirmed by Giovanni Montanini, Parmalat Italia Chef brand marketing manager. This is also the direction to be taken by the company’s latest innovation: “Chef is capable of satisfying every need in terms of size and taste, thanks to its flavours: salmon, porcini mushrooms, quattro formaggi and, most recently, saffron. Innovation has always been a fundamental pillar of the brand’s strategy which last year launched the Les Voilà line: a practical and disposable 65ml packet, the aim of which is to increase the purchase frequency within the category and suggesting new ways to consume cream.”


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