Eataly, partner with Starhotel

This agreement marks the official entrance of the chain in the hôtellerie: Starhotel sets to host first Eataly's restaurant in Rosa Grand Hotel in Milan
Eataly, partner with Starhotel

Starhotel has recently signed an agreement with Eataly, the popular Turin based chain founded in 2007 by Oscar Farinetti, which today counts several food and restaurants emporium in Italy, Japan and US, Turkey with plans to open new branches in Brazil (Sao Paolo) and UK (Oxford Street) next year. The agreement marks the official entrance of Eataly in the hôtellerie sector. “Italy must do two things: to double arrivals of foreigner travelers and tourists as well as double the numbers of food export. We begin today with Starhotel” said Oscar Farinetti. Starhotel Rosa Grand in Milan is the first area that will feature the Eataly dining venue. The Starhotel’s managing director Elasabetta Fabbri said the company goal is to offer Expo global visitors the high quality dining experience especially conceived by Eataly original concept.

The hotel’s restaurant will mirror Eataly’s uncluttered atmosphere, creating a stylish, where people can eat and learn about the best Italian food. Farinetti announced:“ Starting from February, in New York, we’ll begin to serve breakfast reading the Betrothed by Alessandro Manzoni. We’ll provide global visitors the completeness of Italian life style: the kitchen and the home together.”

Eataly’s manifesto opens with the following declaration: “We are in love with quality food and beverage. In love with their history , their tradition, the man and woman who produce them, the place they come from”. The enterprise was in fact founded under the principle of the Slow Food philosophy, with its emphasis on local and artisan producers. “ A shared attitude towards quality and food education is the foundation of this partnership” said Oscar Farinetti. Eataly is committed to being unique partner with Starhotel for three years.

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